How good in programing do I need to be in order to attend an Architectural Computation M.arch Program?


I want to attend Architectural Computation program in UCL. I know very little about programing, and while I've had some decent results using Grasshopper, dealing with it has always been challenging for me.

How much will that affect my time studying there? Do they teach us the tools required or do we have to come with an already established knowledge? Can a person with little background in programmering attend such program?

Mar 30, 20 1:59 pm

I'm not "professional" in computation, but commenting her just to provide information i have found before.

GSAPP offers their program's information in detail. Check their syllabus and previous student's results in gallery.

MIT provides attending student's CV Portfolio and ETC. Contact individual students from it( Especially SMarchS computation and researches from Digital Structures- they are Engineering Based though)

This guy from GSD has impressive courier in design computation.

See what he is capable of. I don't think he was capable of doing everything from the start of MArch. (If not, I would be jealous)

Also, what is the purpose of implementing design computation to you? Automation, Fabrication, Optimization, AI, it varies and you can't do everything.

What do you expect to do in practice? Look what NBBJ BIG Foster ZAHA does. (Did you see Morpheus Hotel? They use grasshopper with spaghetti codes!!!!)

ZHA build custom BIM using grasshopper to introduce specific workflow. Automation is key part of their workflow.

Also, check Mostapha(Ladybug developer)'s lecture on Foster+

Most practical application application of computation is on environmental design and is also most promising field. (I think)

You don't have to do bunch of magical programming knowledge and develop stuffs from the ground to do these but have to know better understanding of E-Engineering.

I hope some appropriate Professionals could also comment. Super Interested to hear!

Apr 5, 20 6:25 am  · 
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