CCNY Spitzer School of Architecture Selectivity?


Hey I was just wondering if anyone had any info on how competitive CCNY is for their graduate architecture programs. I am going to be applying next year for the MLA I program. CCNY is my dream school mostly because of its NYC location (where I want to practice) as well as its affordability. 

Some basic info about my academics:

Undergrad background:

-1 semester pursuing computer science

-3 semesters pursuing environmental design (planning)

-currently studying geography with a GIS concentration and will be graduating spring 2021. (I am a second semester junior)

-my GPA has been a 4.0 since my second semester of college and hoping to keep that streak going this semester

-I will be attending Columbia University's Intro to Architecture this summer and have taken a couple art classes here and there (overall anticipating a rather average portfolio but I am working on it...) 


Mar 30, 20 2:56 am
Hannah Borgeson

Hello and thanks for your interest! You sound like you'll be able to put together a very strong application for the Spitzer School of Architecture and, like many other MLA students, will be able to bring diverse interests and skills to the program. The admission process is selective but not overly competitive. I encourage you to review our application guidelines at if you haven't already. Since you are still in school, pay attention to the software expectations as you map out your final semesters. Feel free to contact me directly with other questions:

Mar 31, 20 1:06 pm  · 

Thanks for the reply! Who better to answer my question than the director of graduate affairs. I doubt you remember me but we met during a graduate information session in January. Anyway, luckily I am pretty fluent in most Adobe programs and just lacking CAD knowledge. I will probably see if there are any classes I can take that will get me familiar with programs like AutoCAD or just teach myself. Either way I will most likely attend the late summer "spatial and regional representation" program for some extra practice as well. Thanks again, and I am sorry to hear about Michael Sorkin, truly a tragedy for the design community and the world at large. 

Hannah Borgeson

Thanks Chris. I look forward to seeing you again.

Apr 7, 20 6:35 pm  · 

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