ok so i have been offered admission from RISD and PARSONS for M.Arch (advance standing both). sorry for my poor writing and this is my second thread concerning school choice. I am really stressed out and can't seem to be confident of any choice.

Being an INTERNATIONAL student my perception is professional growth and connections are very important in your masters degree and i should be able to find summer co-ops/internships during program i.e( making connection to land a job after i graduate) cuz international needs to get job in within 2 months after graduation. Given the scenario, i would like to settle in New York when i am done with my studies.

I think studying at PARSONS will get me good professional connections possibly leading to a decent job compared to RISD but i am not so confident about PARSONS M.Arch program and it seems to be quite young. On the other side, i have no doubts about RISD academically but i think in providence i would not be able make such professional connection in New York during my studies. what do you guys think am i making sense? please i don't mind anything open up as much as you want. share your experience so i maybe able to learn from them. (P.S i met a lot of RISD students online who did internships at NY in summers, how did they commute? how look it takes to get to NY from Rhode Island. Can it be done daily as commuting?)

Mar 29, 20 2:02 am


i think you're making a lot of assumptions here; risd's march program is also relatively new (i think it started in the 90s or early 00s). i don't know about parsons march, but both schools are historic art and design institutions.

at the end of the day these schools are more similar than they are different.. i would make a list of pros/cons of things that are facts (not assumptions about reputation which is very hard to quantify).

relax- either school is a great choice. you have no way of knowing for sure which is "right" before you get there. hopefully your assumptions will be challenged and you'll end up in a place you didn't anticipate when you're finished.

Mar 29, 20 12:35 pm  · 

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