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Dear Arch Community,

I was recently admitted to both programs and have been having a hard time making a decision.

I wanted to take an alternative approach to architecture which is why I’ve decided with a design led institution vs a traditional university. I have a vision of taking my architecture knowledge post graduation into various disciplines with a focus on sustainability. 

I am a NYC native and have always admired Pratt but am also attracted to the West Coast lifestyle and have been looking for a change.

Any input on both programs would be greatly appreciated!

Mar 29, 20 12:07 pm
Non Sequitur

that's not really an alternative pov... it's rather typical.  Look at each school's faculty and their area of research and pick the one that suits you best.  Also, pick the cheapest option.

Mar 29, 20 1:44 pm  · 


I think there is another exact same thread comparing this two from this month

Mar 29, 20 5:57 pm  · 

Hey so I am  a former Pratt grad who did get into Sci Arc - and graduated from Pratt  3 years ago . 

From what I can tell you is even currently a bunch of the professors from Sci Arc do teach at Pratt and vice versa when you get to option studios . David Ruy being one, Hernan comes for lectures and Oyler Wu sometimes comes also .

They both are heavy formalism in the early foundation semesters and very heavy into technology . Only difference is Sci Arc is only architecture is their only program. As in their entire school only has one major which is architecture. 

So if you do choose to take other electives during your final year its kinda hard. Secondly Sci Arc does have extremely good fabrication facilities and almost every student uses it to great degree. 

The best part about Pratt I would say the location (NYC - no brainer) and proximity to other Ivy Schools . In Pratt you will always get a lot of professors from Penn , Columbia and Sci Arc. The architecture from Pratt is a bit more real ( I say it loosely) when you compare it to Sci Arc. Sci Arc is extremely futuristic and formalistic at times .

If you do choose to go to Sci Arc do make sure you are ready to learn a lot of softwares . I mean even in Pratt you will have to but Sci Arc is heavy dose of softwares . Regardless congrats into getting into both schools and they both are amazing . 

Feel free to ask more questions I have friends from that side who graduated who got jobs right away and I was lucky to get a job right out of school too

Mar 29, 20 11:51 pm  · 

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