WashU, UC Berkeley, or CMU for architecture undergraduate program



I was recently offered admission to WashU in st. Louis, UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University for architecture undergraduate program. I have never been to their campuses, so I am having hard time choosing which school to go. I really want to know the pro and cons of attending their architecture undergraduate programs. Thank you very much!

Mar 27, 20 7:16 pm

I studied undergrad at Washu. Just my opinion, WashU and Berkeley are better than CMU for architecture. Washu's program might be one of the best 4 year programs out there. WashU gives a BS or BA, while Berkeley gives you a BA

Mar 27, 20 7:45 pm  · 

from the admission forum, I’ve seen more WashU got accepted with more $$$$ compared to UC Berkeley. Both programs typically leads to entry in GSD, so I guess which city u like better. In terms of program, i think they’re similar given the undergrad nature

Mar 28, 20 1:11 am  · 

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