ITECH Germany or keep working in the states?


Hi all,

I just got into ITECH U of Stuttgart, and want to decide if I should go this year.

I graduated May 2019 B. arch in the States and currently working right now. I am an international student and am currently on a visa. I'm facing two choices now, go to grad school in Germany or keep working in the states for a year or two.

I only applied to this one school this year. I know i would want to specialize in digital fabrication, computation and I would want to go to grad school. I wonder if I should go now or get more work experience in the states and apply for more schools? does anyone has insights? 

Mar 26, 20 9:02 pm

no one? 

Mar 29, 20 11:03 pm

Where can you work long term? Best to go to the market you can work in and get the experience/school there...not keep pumping time into experience in a place you're gonna end up leaving anyway.

Mar 30, 20 5:47 am

Hi justavisual, thank you for your reply, I think that's a really good point, I don't see myself working in traditional architecture firms, I want to work in computational design and digital fabrication research. I really like the direction of ITECH, I'm hesitant because I am an international student and if I choose to leave the States for Europe it will be hard to come back. To be honest, I'm not sure which location is better for the subject. Do you have any insights about this area in either locations? Also I'd really appreciate if you can share your knowledge about ITECH? Thank you!


I dont know anything about ITECH, but as I did my MSc in Delft, I can say that its very handy to speak the language of the country you plan to work in. If you study in Germany and plan to work there then you need to know German. The whole visa thing is a difficult question, because you have one now...can you parlay it into a greencard one day? Is this what you settle in the USA? I prefer Europe, but that's me. I don't know your background, but if you need a visa to work in Europe too, then I can say it will not be so easy to attain. You get one year after MSc and then they pretty much make you move on. So if you have some leads in the USA, maybe try to exhaust those first, because as you said, going back will not be easy.


Hi justavisual, I do have a visa now but in order to get a green card, I'll probably have to work somewhere I dont enjoy for 10 years... I do't know if I want to do that...I don't think I know for sure if i want to settle in the USA forever. I'm not familiar with Europe as well but I'd like to live there for a few years. Do you mind sharing why you Prefer Europe?


do you already work with computational design?

Mar 30, 20 7:11 pm

Hi reciclagem, thanks for the reply, I currently work in a computation and digital fabrication facility in a US university, but because of visa issue, this will not be a long term opportunity. I can either find a company (might not be computational job) to extend my visa. Or giving up staying in the States and go to ITECH, I am hesitant wether to leave the States or not. Do you have any insights about ITECH, and job aspects after graduating? I'd really appreciate your input, Thank you!


ITECH - Yes! 

Achim was my tutor and he is a very good person. The research of the group receives great funding from the German Government.  I visited the facilities and they are good - a bit old but the kit is up to date.  

Stuttgart is a wonderful city and you will enjoy it!

Apr 1, 20 11:10 am

Hi TED, thanks for the response! I am currently 80% sure that I want to go there, do you have more info on the job aspect of their graduates? are you currently working in the industry? what do you think of the future of this field? I'd appreciate if you can share some insights!


Like all graduate programmes, it is about you the individual to take advantage of all your links and begin making those connections while you are in the programme. I think you would be well place particularly if you wish to join Happold or Arup who are global leaders - If you wish to teach carry on and do a phd there - good luck!


Hey TED, thank you for your comments! good luck with what you do as well!

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