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I am deciding on which graduate program to accept to for the fall. I am currently finishing up my B.S. in Architecture. I have included the costs after scholarships and assistantships have been factored in due help the decision making process. Any input on these programs or the financial decisions that should be made?

Penn State University - (2-Yr) $8,000 / Yr, Offered TA position

Ohio State University - (2-Yr) $10,000 / Yr, Offered TA position

University of Michigan - (2-Yr) $24,000 / Yr

Mar 26, 20 12:08 pm
Non Sequitur

take the cheapest option.  

Mar 26, 20 12:39 pm  · 

Penn State

Mar 27, 20 7:00 pm  · 

1. UMich
2. Knowlton
3. Penn State

Mar 28, 20 12:10 am  · 

If you do Ohio State, make sure you get everything in writing, and an absolute guarantee of the scholarships/TA positions/tuition coverage for your full time there.

I had my job there "disappear" after not responding to some emails from a professor over the summer before my final year there, during a time when I was away and not supposed to be working / being paid to work.  My tuition-covering jobs were given to other "more favorite" students, and now I have $70K in loan debt.  The original "promise" of a TA position in my first year when I got there - after I got there, the job never materialized.

The education was good, but not really worth the money they charge.  I will offer that I think my experience there is atypical.  Nevertheless, I'm rather ruined.  So: Get it in writing.

Mar 28, 20 4:48 pm  · 

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