Collecting information on GSD, MIT, Princeton (M.Arch I)


Hello, as admit open-houses are canceled and I have not had a chance to visit any of these schools, I am on the hunt to collect as much information as possible about each program. Please weigh in, especially if you have had a chance to visit or attend!

Mar 21, 20 5:37 pm

If you are in GSD, then GSD its always the no 1 school. The college itself is much bigger than the other two, which means more resources.

Mar 21, 20 11:44 pm  · 

It really depends what you're looking for in a program, don't base your decision on the rankings. They're all top-tier programs that will look great on a resume. When applying to jobs, the portfolio is what matters most anyway.

GSD has a larger class size, which can mean more networking opportunities, but also more internal competition. 

MIT and Princeton tend to be a bit more experimental in design (MIT more in defining what architecture is, Princeton in creating unique designs/materials) whereas GSD is more traditional, narrow-scope, glossy renderings etc. Look at the student work and the classes and see what excites you, they're all very different schools. Also look at the parallel programs at each school, for example GSD has a strong landscape program and as an MArch student you'll have the opportunity to cross-register for some classes if you're interested. 

MIT and GSD are 3.5 year programs, Princeton is a 3 year program. 

I would personally pick Princeton first followed by MIT, but that's just because I feel like I could develop my interests better in their programs.

Mar 22, 20 1:35 am  · 

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