Difficult time for finding internships


Many companies canceled their internship programs and many others are not accepting any new applicants. Wonder when the situation would get better. How severe is the impact on the industry? I wonder which cities still have firms that are operating normally and are looking for interns?

Mar 19, 20 4:53 pm
Non Sequitur

going to be a while. 

Mar 19, 20 6:42 pm

Depends, if there's a recession or depression in your country after this: good luck...

Mar 19, 20 8:33 pm

I got 2 Summer Internship offers prior to this entire mess which I accepted one (obviously). The one I opt for should have sent me an Letter of Offer since 2-weeks ago but I still have not heard back from them. 

Emailed them 2 days ago and they replied this morning saying, "they are very busy at the moment and will send the letter of offer by next week". I suspect they are trying to extend the time and probably retract their offer if the company is facing issues in this coronavirus period.

I think it's their kind way of saying, "We might not need u anymore due to this pandemic but we will just play it safe by holding on the offer and see how things goes in couple of weeks". LOL

Mar 20, 20 11:32 am

Or they might just be busy. Most firms are working thru how to address the current needs of their staff and clients. This is testing everyone on how agile and nimble our organizations can be. Setting up full-remote access, yet also trying to keep the team in full collaboration and connected mode is a huge challenge. So yes, getting around to answering emails from prospective interns may be a lower priority for leadership. Hang in there and be patient. Good firms are still looking for good people. If they're truly interested in you, they'll stay connected with you--even if they don't have an immediate need for your help. Good luck.


hehe thank u!! But I do really hope, as I really worked my ass off (via this forum getting help with my portfolio) to get the internship! I got offers from Scott Brownrigg and Gensler for their internship programme (both in London, im from the UK). I accepted Gensler because of the "Branding" even though both are big firms. Let's just hope Gensler won't retract their offer!! :( I am planning to email Scott Brownrigg again if Gensler really do retract... But again, I might lost both in this crisis!! I shall remain optimistic!!! <3


@gibbost Thanks for your input. I need lots of faith to keep searching! also @anaisziwei congrats on your offer!


You could start building relationships with companies at this time via informational interviews over skype or the like?

Mar 20, 20 3:54 pm

I've received some opportunities to interview, tho the jobs might not fit me. Maybe I will take a break this summer!


My internship at MVRDV is defferd til May... dammm :(
Hope u find an internship.

Mar 21, 20 8:20 am

Hope things indeed will get better in May....are you doing a six-month internship?

Non Sequitur

Was it a paid gig?


Okays, an update - still did not receive any update from the office I accepted. Ain't taking no chance, so Im totally gonna email the previous one that I declined RN. * Keeping my fingers crossed now *

Mar 23, 20 9:12 pm

my friend who got an offer from ASGG was given an almost identical result as yours. They told her the office is too busy at the moment and will give her a response on 30th......


It's quite upsetting since I worked so hard to get the internship... Oh well, we can't blame anyone! Everyone is suffering too :(


Have you thought about working in Asia? Japan, China, Southeast Asia etc. The situation seems much better there. Best luck!


Japan no (unless it's for international companies). China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, Taiwan or Singapore is a possibility.

But It's still not feasible in any sense. It will be as good as taking up loans to work for someone... Just doesn't make much sense unless I have a pot of gold underneath my drafting table haha.

Well, I will just resign to fate if I still don't get any reply by end of this week. Situation doesn't seems to be of any good, since BoJo literally just announced that UK will be in a Lock Down... :(

Mar 24, 20 3:56 pm

gensler in the states are canceled just now (i heard)


Hey, anaisziwei I was wondering are you still a student and which year? 

I'm currently finishing my third year and I'm in the position I have to find a job after I graduate so I can continue with my masters. I don't know if anyone will be looking to hire and is it the best time to apply now or maybe wait a bit and start in May? 

Mar 30, 20 9:31 am

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