Athabasca University.. BSc in Arch?


Hello all. I'm new to this site, and it's been of tremendous help so far.

To recap on myself, I currently live in Canada and dropped out of High school to run a business in grade 11. That business was successful and was bought buy a large corporation. I've always been interested in architecture, and although i'm young, I don't want to go back to high school and finish the courses.

Athabasca University is an open university in Canada that just announced they have been approved to offer a Bachelor of Science in Architecture this Fall. I'm curious if anyone has heard of this? Will completion of this program allow me to get a masters anywhere? Can I presumably transfer my credits after 1 year of successful completion to another "more reputable" school? Many students do that for other majors (BA, etc.). Additionally, has anyone in Canada heard of another similar program, even if internationally (where a high school diploma is not a prerequisite?).

Thanks for reading through this, hope I can get some quality answers!

Mar 15, 20 3:23 am
Non Sequitur

finish your high school. 

Done universities might allow applicants as “mature students” but you’ll need to look into each specific school for regulations. 

As for architecture, it’s likely impossible to transfer mid bachelor since all under grad schools are different. Perhaps you can get lucky and transfer electives, but HS pre req courses (maths, physics) will still ne checked  

Look into the RAIC syllabus. It’s made for those unable, or unwilling to, take the typical post secondary path.

Mar 15, 20 9:40 am

Hi lacazet2K, 

After you complete a B.Sc.Arch at Athabasca University, yes you would be able to advance to a M.Arch at a CACB accredited university. And yes, you would also be able to transfer credits to another university's bachelor program if you decide to switch, but compatibility may differ between school to school.

As mentioned by others, you may also want to check out the RAIC Syllabus, which is a work-study program, for students who wish to complete their architectura education while working in an architecture firm. Many of the courses of the Syllabus is actually delivered by Athabasca University. The difference is that if you complete the Syllabus, it would be the equivalent of finishing a Bachelor and Master, so you would be eligible to write the exam to become an architect. The disadvantage of the Syllabus is that you do need to fulfill thousands of work experience hours in specific task categories, which for many may take longer than going the Bachelor > Master route. 

DM me if you have any other questions.

Henry Tsang

Mar 23, 20 8:35 pm
Non Sequitur

You still need to fill in those hours in several categories with an M.arch under the regular IDP gig.


NS you may actually begin collecting hours during part 2 of the syllabus program. So by the the end of syllabus, technically you are finished the IDP gig.

Non Sequitur

^i know. That’s one of their selling points.


Ok, i misread you.


The RAIC Syllabus' requirement for work experience is 2,800 hours to complete Part 2 and 7,000 hours to complete Part 3. This is not the same as the IDP's 3,720 hours. That being said, hours gained in Part 2-3 may be counted towards to IDP.


Mar 23, 20 9:34 pm
Non Sequitur

Neat. A RAIC account.

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