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Hi Archinecters, I am very bored due to suspension of activities and classes and therefore had compiled my portfolio with my previous projects for future use. I’d appreciate if you give me some feedback on my portfolio. Thank you very much for your time!

Mar 14, 20 7:32 pm

I think you have some great (!) materials in there, which is a wonderful place to start from. Having said that, there's a lot of editing required in order to make the portfolio more attractive and easier to digest:

- There's absolutely no white space. You don't have to fill the whole page with content, it makes it look dense and uninviting. If I were you, I'd definitely add some margins and work with a clear grid, which will help you organize the positive and negative space in each layout in a consistent way.

- Some work is needed in terms of typography. I wouldn't use different fonts, but perhaps a single font with different weights. Also - maybe some more spacing between letters and rows, and consider highlighting important words or sentences (if it seems like there's a lot to read, this could help the reader get the main statement more easily).

- I'd lose some of the technical or repetitive objects (for instance, table - p.08; prefab components - p.15)

- Front/back cover could have some more attention :) 

- It'll be best, in my opinion, if you'll start and finish your portfolio with your strongest projects (I like no. 01 and no. 04 the most)

- What is the purpose of this portfolio? Is it academic or professional? Try to adjust the materials and the hierarchy according to the specific viewer.

In general I think it looks really good! Good luck :)

Mar 15, 20 3:41 pm

Hey, thank you very much for your time and critique! I will definitely reorganise the layouts, especially those narrow margins and the grid.


I think you need some margins dude....

Mar 16, 20 1:15 am

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