UBC or UC Berkeley M.Arch


I have recently been accepted to UC Berkeley and UBC for their M.Arch programs starting Fall 2020. I would love input on which school you would recommend and why. I am interested in focusing on sustainability and timber construction. 

Mar 10, 20 7:51 pm

Berkeley all the way!

Mar 11, 20 1:30 am

Well UBC specializes in timber construction design and research so there you go, and it's probably cheaper.

Mar 11, 20 11:24 am
Non Sequitur

take the cheapest one.

Mar 11, 20 11:24 am

many of my co-workers came out of Berk. they are all whip sharp hot shoes - go Berk is you want to design

Mar 11, 20 11:54 am

If you don’t mind me asking, when did you receive your offer from UBC? 

I didn’t know they had already started sending out offers! 

Mar 11, 20 1:37 pm

Hi, seems like UBC release offer sooner than I though. I received my offer with AP on 20 March (no mention $$). @ laurenkembi even received earlier than me. Don't know what makes the difference in the time they contact for offer. BTW good luck!


Back in my era many of the UBC profs had graduated from Berkeley!   So you kinda got the Berkeley school education but paid the UBC price!

Mar 11, 20 1:53 pm

Schools are going to open this Fall??? I am not sure how long Coronavirus will impact the schools.

Mar 22, 20 6:35 am

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