[2020 MArch] College Info Central Thread (Tuition, Size... etc.)


I'm here to do some voluntary work. Compile some information from the biggest Architecture schools in the US that might be considerable to some applicants all in this thread. There might be many mistakes, so please correct me. I am not sure if we are allowed to edit posts after posted? But we will see. Some comparisons included tuition, location, size... This thread hopefully will involve very little of my personal opinions but rather data from each college's website. People feel free to share any additional information that you have

Mar 10, 20 12:06 pm

Size as in number of student in every class/ program?

Mar 10, 20 12:13 pm

All data here are pulled from the website. Tuition means the flat rate tuition for the 2020 - 2021 whole academic year. Does not include any other fee listed on the website, such as health insurance, boarding, other living expense, activity fees etc. which is just a lot of work to calculate (the Notre Dame one includes health insurance by default). A few other institutions might also included some fee but they are the lower ranking schools so I didn't spend too much time on those. Also a few school here might be the 2019 - 2020 cost, but again they are mostly the lower ranking ones who didn't post the updated data. I don't know which schools here are using the quarter semester system, I tried my best to mark them out. Feel free to correct anything if there are errors.

Top 3:

Columbia GSAPP            $58,980

Cornell AAP                     $56,550

Tulane                              $54,764

Comment: Universities in the State of New York are expensive as ****


Harvard GSD                   $53,420

Yale YSoA                       $49,550

Princeton                         $54,070

MIT                                  $53,450

Columbia GSAPP            $58,980

Harvard GSD                   $53,420

Yale YSoA                       $49,550

Princeton                         $54,070

MIT                                  $53,450

Columbia GSAPP            $58,980

Cornell AAP                     $56,550

UM Ann Arbor Taubman  $49,013

SCI-Arc                            $46,878

WU St. Louis Sam Fox     $52,700

U Penn Weitzman             $53,466

Rice                                   $32,360 

UC Berkeley                      $5,721 ???

UCLA                                 $11,442

Georgia Tech                     $33,130

Virginia Tech                      $27,614

UVA                                    $29,892

UT Austin                           $27,318

Texas A&M                         $34,062

Auburn                                $29,484

IIT                                        $28,350

Penn State Stuckeman       $38,198

Ohio State Knowlton           $36,052

U Cincinnati DAAP              $8,336 per term, 3 terms a year?

U Oregon                             $29,091

Syracuse                              $29,160

Tulane                                  $54,764

Northeastern                        $1,580 per credit, only depends on credits

Carnegie Mellon                   $39,750

Cooper Union                       $47,270

Cal Poly SLO                        $2,392 per quarter ??? 

U Miami                                $2,100 per credit, only depends on credits

U Florida                               $25,480

U Notre Dame                      $55,308, include Health & Technology Fees

RISD                                    $51,800

Pratt                                     $53,536

Parson                                 $1,810 per credit, only depends on credits

SAIC                                    $1,730 per credit, only depends on credits

SCAD                                  $39,420

Mar 10, 20 5:24 pm
Non Sequitur

All are massively over priced.


Also these are for MArch I fulltime rate

Non Sequitur

My point still stands.


Future applicants: do not be discouraged by these numbers! Most top schools have the capacity to provide full funding to students if they like an applicant's portfolio and application. I was really worried about tuition costs prior to applying and everything turned out to be more than fine. (Also: I had better luck with private universities as opposed to state)


Important to note whether this is in-state or out-of-state for the public universities on the list. Many universities do not grant in-state status if you moved to that state for school.


Forgot to mention these are all out-of-state (but not international) flat rate tuition cost


Hey Archi_gram. This is cool. Thanks for doing this. Looks like you may have overlooked USC in the above list, they come out to about $59,650 per year for the M.arch. BUT they just announced full rides for ALL American families and individuals earning less than $80k per year!


UCLA: In-state Tuition is $17,352 + Professional Degree fee of $9492 per year. As you you know the Master of Architecture is an professional degree (like Law School or Medical School). If you are an out-of-state or international student you add a flat fee of $15K.


UC Berkeley is a bit more affordable surprisingly for in-state students but about the same as UCLA for out-of-state or international students. Tuition PER SEMESTER is $5721 (X2) so $11,442 per year for Instate, California residents. Add fees and the Professional Degree Supplement of $8K, and it comes out to $26,800 for in-state students, then for out-of-state and international students, add $12,200 per year for about $39K total. Still much cheaper than some of the large private schools and if you are US citizen you can pay in-state fees the second and third year (if applicable).


I know the application is over. This is just for fun. Application fee:

Top 3:

UCB $120

Columbia GSAPP $115

Cornell AAP $105


Harvard GSD $90

Yale YSoA $90

Princeton $90

MIT $75

Columbia GSAPP $115

Cornell AAP $105

U Mich Ann Arbor Taubman $90

SCI-Arc $85

Washington U St. Louis Sam Fox $85

U Penn Weitzman $80

Rice $85

UC Berkeley $120


USC $90

U Cincinnati $50

Pratt $50

RISD $60

UT Austin $75

Georgia Tech $75

UVA $80

Mar 10, 20 5:33 pm

UCLA (and all the UC's) are $120 for the Masters programs


this is super helpful - thanks!

Mar 12, 20 10:07 am

A couple of the tuitions you posted are confusing per semester with per year. The tuition you've given for Tulane is per year, while the tuition you've listed for IIT is per semester. If you're going per year, IIT should be in your top 3 most expensive.

Also, UOregon is a quarter system :) too many schools, too little time to catch it all.

Mar 19, 20 11:13 am

there are too many schools its a lot of work to look up each school, so i'm welcoming corrections. but on this iit website it says $28,350 is for the whole academic year?


and U Oregon should be the tuition for a whole academic year as well. I found it on this website


You need to dig a bit deeper for the mArch specific tuition at IIT- their website is a bit of a pain to navigate. If you scroll way down it has tuition per credit hour: 33 credits at $1,575 per credit is $51,975 

Mar 22, 20 1:04 am

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