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Hi guys, 

I know all the blogs say don't go if they dont give you money, so here are my acceptances: 

1. Berkeley with a token amount scholarship (nothing that covers even 1/10th of the cost)

2. Ohio State with a partial scholarship (covers 50%) 

3. Cornell (no money and not inviting enough)

4. Columbia for Urban Design (no money)

5. AA for landscape Urbanism (no money)

Need to make a decision, dream is to go to Berkeley so its really between there and OSU (who have given me quite a good offer) 


Mar 9, 20 4:15 am
Non Sequitur

No arch degree is worth $100k. 

Mar 9, 20 7:29 am  · 

Congratulations on your acceptance! I am facing a similar decision, also in at UCB for MLA, and learning more about financial aid. When you say you had a 50% scholarship to OSU, is that just for tuition or for tuition+cost of living?

Mar 9, 20 1:11 pm  · 

I think I've frozen on OSU, working with them for a better offer. I don't think I have the desire to be in any kind of debt, and from talking to a bunch of landscape architects I have figured out that the program is actually really picking up. The chair is a Berkeley alum who taught at Harvard, their facilities are at par with Berkeley as is their faculty. And most importantly, theyve got a small class size so good attention for each student. 

Mar 18, 20 5:15 am  · 

Whatever it takes to make the dream come true. You have to do that. Best of luck.

Mar 18, 20 8:05 am  · 

Visited OSU and talked to their admission officer, which is just 1 person. Here is my impression: the faculty member who gave me a tour told me the program is really technical oriented, and by that my interpretation is OSU would be more close to the SCI-Arc, UPenn style, more graphical and less practical. So they welcome more off cool looking project than the fundamental designs. More practical oriented school would be like Yale, Tulane, Notre Dame (lol maybe), and IIT. If you want to want to figure out what that mean just check out some student work on their websites. You'll see the difference between SCI Arc, GSD, OSU on one side versus YSoA, Tulane on the other. 

Mar 18, 20 8:17 am  · 

And I agree on the cost part. Cornell, GSAPP might be doubling the cost on tuition alone than the rest. And they happen to be located in the two most expensive places on your list. So OSU is already half the cost of GSAPP plus you get 50% scholarship, unless Berkeley is even cheaper (idk the cost but its a public school? and Europe should be much cheaper too?)

Mar 18, 20 8:21 am  · 
Chad Miller

Keep in mind that the average pay for a grad with no experience is around $38K a year, depending on location and cost of living.  

Choose your debt very, very carefully.   

Mar 18, 20 9:55 am  · 

So also just received a full ride from TU Delft in the netherlands for landscape. Any thoughts on that?

Apr 1, 20 11:33 am  · 

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