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I'm a year out of college, did not major in architecture but have a little background in art (attached a piece I did for an undergraduate art group I founded at university). I'm very interested in pursuing a career in architecture, and know I will have to go back to school given my lack of a relevant major. What are the best tips to creating a portfolio when you have no real studio experience? Any actual examples would be greatly appreciated. 

Feb 24, 20 11:05 pm

Sketches, diagrams, anything you've doe creatively, like that sketch, is excellent. Try designing a pavilion or similar if you've got the time, too. Hope that helps

Feb 24, 20 11:46 pm

I prefer starting a fake project and competitions, but I always go with competitions, it will give you a brief and a timeline to follow, and then, when the results is out, you can get a personal feedback on your work when you see others submissions.

Feb 25, 20 3:18 am
Wood Guy

After I had been designing houses and renovations for several years I took a couple of architecture studio classes at my local community college, with the intent of building up my portfolio, since my undergrad was not architecture. Is something like that available to you? 

Feb 25, 20 9:24 am

Is the "piece" you did as an undergrad of your own campus? If so, you can still get a job at an architectural office. Just find the alumni. There are others from there with art degrees in NYC offices. 

Feb 25, 20 6:31 pm

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