STEM in UT Austin MLA-I


Hey folks - I just got admission into UT Austin MLA - I, was wondering if this is a STEM course since I am an international student. The STEP OPT guide from ICE site mentions the following[1]: 

- Architectural and Building Sciences/Technology

- Architectural Engineering Technology/Technician

- Architectural Drafting and Architectural CAD/CADD

Do we know if MLA - I falls into another of these categories?


Feb 21, 20 10:48 pm

I looked at the codes from UT Austin website, for anyone reading this, NO, the MLA doesn't have STEM Extension. 

Feb 21, 20 10:52 pm
Non Sequitur

landscape arch as STEM? Come on now. Really?

Feb 21, 20 11:42 pm

That's what I said, it isn't a STEM course. Not sure what your comment is adding to the conversation?

Non Sequitur

My comment pokes fun at the thought that someone considered landscape arch as STEM.


I mean... yeah it was funny, lol.

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