3D Model of Los Angeles


My name is Taron and I am student. On this project we have to build a apartment building in Los Angles and I would like to know do you know from were can I download Los Angles 3D file for Rhino for Free ?

Feb 20, 20 12:43 pm
Non Sequitur

Have you checked with your university's library's GIS database?

Do you really think anyone just makes this type of file available for free?  

Feb 20, 20 12:50 pm

Yeah has it I just need more specific and accurate file

Non Sequitur

...again, and you want this all for free? When I was a student, we built our own 3D models instead of asking for handouts.


^ I was going to make a crack about you having to walk to studio uphill in the snow, but I figure that's actually true.

Wilson, Duke of RFIs

NS, I appreciate your comments more and more each day. I thought you were just cruel at first, but you're really growing on me. Keep fighting the good fight and make sure these pansy ass kids don't get no handouts.

Wilson, Duke of RFIs, If you parents did not teach you how to talk with the normal persons it is your own problem but do not ever call me "pansy ass kid" I can call you fucker I can call you son of a bitch or bastard but I am not doing it because I above that. If you wanna call me pansy ass kid be a man look at my eye and then call me like that.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                P.S In our design class we are allow to use already design 3D version of the city. This is 2020. 

Non Sequitur

Citizen, you're right, I did have to walk to studio in the snow... and on occasion in -35 storms.

Non Sequitur

Taron, it's not about being 2020, it's about learning the value of doing shit for yourself. Just because you're allowed to take shortcuts does not mean you take the lazy route and crowd-source your homework. Take some pride in your project and make your context model instead of taking someone else's work.

Chad Miller

Try a pay version of Google Earth?  I don't think you're going to find anything for free.  

Feb 20, 20 1:03 pm

How Can I do that ?

Chad Miller

I think it's through Sketchup.

Non Sequitur

Chad, I'm thinking Taron should mod the LA portion of the GTA V map and use that for their studio project.

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