Master's Thesis (The future of public spaces under the elevated roads)


I'm starting on the master's thesis and it's about the potential use of the dead spaces under the elevated structures like highways and roads as public spaces, and how to visually and socially eliminate or reduce the negative impacts of it,  I'm interested in that direction of the topic, I'm collecting the data currently, but I don't know where exactly to start since I still need more data, do you know related studies or books I can look up to because my supervisor not mush of a help

Thank you,

Feb 19, 20 11:24 am

Mexico City uses them for public spaces and retail. start research there maybe?

Feb 19, 20 11:45 am

Thank you, I'll check there


Take a stroll around the overpasses in Los Angeles (or any warmish city) and bask in the glory that is the 21st Century American Vernacular!

Not sure if English is your first language, but steer clear of phrases like "socially eliminate" unless you are crystal clear on your reasoning.

Feb 19, 20 11:55 am

English is not my first language, so maybe "socially eliminates" is bit too much description, thank you anyway I'll look there.

Non Sequitur

So, look at any of the millions of examples of informal settlements.  Plenty of very obvious examples from across Latin & SA, Asia and Africa countries. 

Feb 19, 20 11:59 am

Thank you.

The Bentway in along with parts of the Highline, and Promenade Plantee in Paris.

Feb 20, 20 8:20 am

Thank you so much


Many Chinese cities run surface level roads under the highways. Boring, but makes sense. A few also have bus rapid transit systems, which works well.

Feb 20, 20 9:50 am

Thank you so much

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