Rejection Feedback (TU Delft MSc Architecture)


I recently received the rejection letter from TU Delft, and the content says the quality of portfolio is insufficient. Below are the reasons of rejection.

- The Selection Committee considers the quality of your portfolio insufficient.
- The application does not demonstrate the ability to communicate a variety of topics in a concise and original way
and to express ideas effectively in words, drawings and other media. The application does not demonstrate sufficient
knowledge of architectural typology and composition.

Here is my application portfolio, hope someone can give me feedback or advises, Thank you.

Feb 19, 20 12:16 am

I don't think you need the big long description of the portfolio on the front, nor your email. "Summary" is misspelled on your first page, and it's the first word you see. It's too crowded, edit out the least important representations. You don't have to include everything. There's no hierarchy. Your models look really well-fabricated, but they would be better on a white background, preferably on a page by themselves. The gray-on-gray text is really hard to read. Back cover and never underestimate the power of white space. 

Feb 19, 20 12:50 am

Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. Well I have the bad habit of over-design in most of my BA works, and it seems to happen again when I was making the portfolio in a rush. It's time for me to slow down and think hard about hierarchy.


I think the feedback the school gave, even if it is pretty generic, is the feedback that will help you the most. I don’t have a lot of architectural knowledge but the portfolio doesn’t seem to convey the ideas very well. Even if I can figure out the nuances of a project I should be able to understand what it is. 

Like Tawny said the typo early on probably did an unrecoverable amount of damage from the beginning. There are a lot of little mistakes throughout many of the descriptions and a lot of lack of clarity on the message your trying to convey. 

Feb 19, 20 1:26 am

Thanks for the rely. This is my first portfolio made in English, I do realize there would be lots of mistakes and gaps after my poor translation. Maybe it could be better if I try to let the drawings speak without description or with the least description.

And I also really appreciate your feedback, thank you.


spelling mistakes and language aren't the problem. the problem is actually the content of the work, and the way it is presented. it's cluttered full of projects that don't really show a vision of architectural design, nor any bigger understanding of important issues architecture can address.

you spend the first half of the portfolio on a planning project which presents no clear architectural vision - and it's totally missing an explanation why this project is being proposed, what exists, or what the goals of the intervention are to be. treat it like a planning report which has a description of the problem, an analysis, and a proposed solution.

not until about page 18/19 do you really show any design work that gives a feel of your capabilities. this project and the 2 after it have a nice feel that you should present better. cut down the diagrams only to what's really essential, spend more space showing your designs and less on fairly generic analysis. the last project seems weaker than the middle ones - improve it (simplify) or cut it out.

look at every project as a little presentation where you need to explain what the problem is, and why you are proposing this solution, and then give most of your space to the solution. try to find a structure for this which you can use for each project so it feels coherent. right now it just seems a bit random, like you put in everything the professor assigned as work, regardless whether it's important to showing your idea and skills as a designer.

work on your cover. besides the spelling mistake, it's very boring looking in an accidental way. you have a few elegant projects (the high rise towers) and I think you'd benefit by focusing on those while clarifying + simplifying the rest.

Feb 19, 20 4:57 am

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