Couple of questions


So I have a couple of questions

1. Which path is better 4+2 bachelors and master's or 5 years bachelors, I'm thinking 4+2 is better.

2. Does anyone have a list of universities that have 4 year arch degrees

3.After a 4 year arch degree will you get into the 2 years masters for a license automatically or you'll have to apply again.

4.Any schools that offer 4+2 as without having to reapply for masters

5.Which states will experience a growth in jobs in the next 5-10 years.

6.If you do a 4+2 is there a chance you'll be paid more than with a 5 year bachelors.

Feb 16, 20 3:46 pm

1. Do you want to teach, if not than 5 years is all you need?

2. Do you like a lot of debt, if all you want to be is a practitioner, then 4+2 is for you.

3-6. Most 4+2 make you apply for the +2, you are after all paying for a graduate education. Growth? Follow the profession for the last 10 years and throw a dart. You will not be paid more for a 4+2, it's essentially understood that you are a first professional degree candidate.

7. That was more than a couple of a questions, precision is key in our profession, a few is more than two.

Feb 16, 20 4:47 pm

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