Bachelors in Business applying for M.Arch


I currently hold my B.S. in Business Admin and have had a professional career for about 2 years now. I am now wanting to go back to school for what I initially wanted to pursue, Architecture. I've worked on a few design projects that directly relate to fashion and have sketched time from time but I do not have any formal design training or experience in design. Does anyone have any tips or advice on how to stand out among other applicants with experience and design related backgrounds? 


Feb 14, 20 7:43 pm

Eh that's going to be bit more difficult, but possible. Emphasize sketches in your portfolio, and anything creative you've done. Hope that helps a bit

Feb 14, 20 10:35 pm

Good to hear from you! I plan on sketching everyday as well as taking an Arch design class or two at the local college. I appreciate the response and I'll definitely emphasize the sketches. Thank you, Cheers!


Extra classes definitely helps, especially one drafting course so you can read and draw plans easily. Best of luck eh!

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