Exchange program in China


My home university offers the opportunity to go on exchange for 1 or 2 semesters in other schools around the world.

Being interested in China and Chinese architecture/culture, I would like to apply for one of the partnered universities:

  • CAUP - Tongji University, Shanghai
  • CAFA - Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing
  • SEU - Southeast University, Nanjing

I'm kind of struggling to find portfolios and opinions of people that studied there (except Tongji). Information in English is few and websites are only partially translated.

Does anybody attended one of these schools as a student or exchange and would like to give me some hints?

Thanks a lot!

Feb 9, 20 3:46 am

Tongji is the most international and English based school of architecture in China, it will be  a truly good experience for you to study there. 

Feb 10, 20 11:55 am  · 
Don’t go there now...
Feb 10, 20 12:15 pm  · 
Non Sequitur

going is fine, it's the whole coming back part that's complicated,

Feb 10, 20 12:25 pm  · 

Considering that I'm in Italy, I think the situation wouldn't be that different.

Mar 12, 20 7:41 am  · 

Cannot agree on that the Tongji is the best. If your list includes Tsinghua, then both Tsinghua and Tongji are fall in Tier 1. It's like GSD and MIT's relationship but chinese version.

While, CAFA is the Chinese version RISD, you will be surrounded with talents that good at all kinds of creative arts and design stuff, the context is total different compared to the the previous 2. Just imagine GSD/MIT vs RISD.

SEU, is more European style (not Britsh), consider chinese version of ETH, TUD etc. You name it. 

Sadly none of Chinese insitutional website really does well on duo-ling website, you may want to have a Chinese friend help you figure them out. But once you are in China, no worry about the language. Students and Profs all can speak English very well.

Feb 10, 20 6:15 pm  · 

Thanks! This is exactly the reply I was waiting for. Doing a comparison with US schools works quite well! Unfortunately, Tsinghua is not on the list, otherwise, I wouldn't have had so many thoughts about the other universities.

Mar 12, 20 7:40 am  · 
Good colleges to help build shitty Chinese cities
Feb 10, 20 11:14 pm  · 

I would cancel the trip

Feb 28, 20 8:22 am  · 

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