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Hello everyone ! Is there anyone joining MSc Architecture or Arch + Urban Design in Politecnico di Milano for Fall 2020 ? Wanted to know from alumni about how is the course at Leonardo campus? How are the studios and workshops ? How does the job market prefer PoliMi in Europe ? Others , also please comment in order to keep connected for admissions/scholarship processes . I am from India hoping to join PoliMi in September . 

Thank you !

Feb 10, 20 3:41 pm


I'm not admitted yet but hope to be joining you to that programme. I have the same doubts about it since there's isn't enough info or alumni's comments about it!

Feb 21, 20 4:32 pm  · 

Hello! I’d like to know if anybody knows about the study program and studios!

Feb 23, 20 4:17 pm  · 

Hey! I also applied, but I did not get answer. (OK, there are hard times..)

But today I got mail about filling out the scholarship form.

How it works? Isn`t weird? O.o

Mar 25, 20 7:08 am  · 

I got admitted to PoliMi today, I am looking for people who are going to attend or would like to share your experiences? I am aware of the current situation in Italy so it is hard to predict what is going to happen in the upcoming months...

Apr 6, 20 9:09 pm  · 

Hey guys!

I'm Berrak, from Turkey. I got admitted to Polimi Arch. and Urban Design Masters Programme (for 2020 Fall). You can add me through Linkedin or Instagram if you like. Let's keep in touch :) 

Apr 9, 20 10:42 am  · 

Hi Berrak, I'll connect with you on LinkedIn, let's talk there :) 

1  · 

Even I got admitted for Urban Planning and Policy Design, but not getting much info from.the alumni.side. Any information would be helpful

Apr 18, 20 8:49 am  · 

There’s a new Facebook group for international students who got admitted to a masters in architecture for the year 2020 at PoliMi feel free to join

Jun 1, 20 12:08 pm  · 

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