MArch 3 Yrs SAIC or RISD


SAIC MArch w/ focus on Interior Architecture 



I am hoping for a insightful look into both school's faculty potential, studio culture, and opportunities for real world experience throughout the program. 

Another is any comment on whether there is a spirit and also system in place for innovation, and whether they are forward looking.   Also if any have comment on both program's reputation in the profession. 

If anyone had experience in any of these programs already, would love to chat with you further if you are willing. 

I just want to evaluate the learning experience of both and how they might differ in forming and pushing my creative and design practices.  

I have done all the general research and understand the difference between Interior design, Architecture, and the new term Interior Architecture. 

Please no more canned troll response from those who know who they are in this forum. Also please no mentioning of other programs which are of course stellar but understand sometimes the choices are always so broad for some individuals. 

Feb 6, 20 11:34 am
Non Sequitur

interior architecture? Ha. What a marketing joke. 

Feb 6, 20 5:28 pm  · 
Maybe it’s just my surface understanding of both of these programs, but RISD is far superior to SAIC, is it not?? Why is this even a question?
Feb 6, 20 8:42 pm  · 

Thank you for the feedback! Reputation wise, it is unquestionable. I was more or less trying to save some benefit of the doubt and hope to obtain more insight. The geographical location have their advantages and disadvantages. SAIC also seemed to have upped its games in recent years. So I was hoping to just hear on more recent perspectives on the two schools and programs.


Most definitely RISD

Feb 6, 20 10:32 pm  · 

Thank you for the feedback! I had the same thought for the most part but am trying to just step back and save some benefit fo the doubt. Do you mind sharing your opinion in more detail? Have you been to any of the schools or shared acquaintances or experiences with any of the schools?


RISD in turns of all kinds of resources because they have Brown

AIC locates at the center of downtown Chicago, the environment is certainly sophisticated but you will face a lot of pressure. 

Feb 11, 20 1:27 am  · 

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