Urban Design - TU Berlin Application 2020


Hello everyone. Has anyone applied to Master's in Urban Design at TU Berlin for Winter 2020? I tried to apply via uni-assist but I cannot find the course listed. Has anyone faced the same problem? or am I doings something wrong? I have tried contacting TU Berlin but there haven't been any replies since the past 2 weeks. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. 

Feb 5, 20 12:54 pm

Hey Elicia,

I am also looking forward to apply this year. I tried contacting the the university and apparently it is too early for winter applications. However, they did not give me exact dates of the application window, I suggest you try again in March/April.

Feb 6, 20 12:42 am
For this year, most schools didn’t open applications until fall term, about three to four months before application deadlines in January. I found myself frustrated by this too but they are very busy working the regular school year and handling applications for this round. Just plan for a page limit in your portfolio 20- 30 pages, three Rec letters and a statement of intent that is anywhere from <500 words to 1000 words (that’s if they don’t have prompts) That’s all you can do for now, just work on your portfolio and statement.
Feb 6, 20 12:54 am
*<500 words to 1000 words (if there are no specific prompts anyway) just work on your portfolio and statement for now, that’s all you can do to prepare.
Feb 6, 20 12:56 am

Thank you guys. I am working on my application documents for now. All the best to all the applicants. 

Feb 7, 20 10:08 am

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