Master degrees on urban design with computational design


Hello guys!

I've done some research of course, searching for the best master degrees for urban design with focus on computational design. Some courses came up like that from AA's Architecture and Urbanism, Polimi's Architecture and Urban Design, Bartlett's Urban Design or Space Syntax and MIT's Architecture and Urbanism.

Would love to know your thoughts on these programs and where to go (if there are better programs out they please do suggest)! Researching on the internet can only do so much and I would love to know some personal experiences if you guys took these programs!

Jan 31, 20 11:20 am
Non Sequitur

University of Phoenix (online)

Jan 31, 20 1:55 pm

Also, Westwood College.


Other programs you might want to look at is the following:

IAAC Master of City and Technology

TU Delft Master of Metropolitan Analysis Design and Engineering 

SCI-Arc MSc. Design of Cities

UCLA Suprastudio MS AAD (Urban Strategy) 

These programs will be a little farther away from traditional urban design and involve aspects of both policy and technology 

Jan 31, 20 5:05 pm

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