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Hey all! Like lots of others I've been doing up my folio for masters applications for Autumn 2020. I've already applied to a few places so this is a little late but I still have a few to go (Aarhus, PoliMi, KADK, Berlin tech (?)) so I'd love a critique of my portfolio).

I posted a thread earlier but if anyone has any first hand experience at any of these schools, I'd love to hear it. It's a little hard to travel out from Australia for a casual tour.

Thanks in advance!

Jan 28, 20 1:22 am

Man that's the angriest library design I've seen. Post-Colonial, White Supremacist, and Patriarchal dismantled by two buildings with a basement in-between. What'll they think of next?

The design is nice and the portfolio is coherent with a pleasant color palette and flow. I like the modeling shown in some of the examples. I think that goes a long way in showing that you can take something from an idea in your head to something that's out in the world.

Jan 28, 20 2:01 am  · 

Calling a mediocre design White supremacist is an overreach. You don't want to label just anyone as malicious and normalize such act when some of our lives are threatened by actual white supremacists in real life

Jan 30, 20 1:37 pm  · 

Imnoc1 - Did you read the portfolio?

Jan 30, 20 2:27 pm  · 

Yes White_Snowman I had one of those very out there studio leaders who spurred me on- it was originally going to be a library to facilitate and focus on minority groups and provide a safe space. Having said that I did enjoy designing it! I am wondering however whether to change the first text paragraph as we were required to write a loud manifesto for the library and I am aware that it comes off a little strong. Thoughts on this?

But thank you for your comments re. the layout!

Feb 6, 20 1:53 am  · 

Just quickly scanning through-

I'm not a fan of the extruding text on the cover. You should also consider getting rid of the map images in the background of your first project or lighten them a ton. 

On the contents page, why not just use that image with the model and your hand, get rid of the rest of the images?

I like the solid+void project, and think it reads well. maybe place it somewhere else in the portfolio or make the projects read more apparent in transition?

Also - back cover would be nice

Jan 28, 20 12:19 pm  · 

I also did not like the font on the cover, very hard to read

Jan 28, 20 1:38 pm  · 

Seconded, not entirely sure what your name is tbh (from portfolio)

Jan 28, 20 3:48 pm  · 

Thank you for these comments. I've found showing the cover to people I know they either love it or hate it- very few people on the fence about it. I do quite like personally as part of the composition of the cover but I do see what you guys mean about readability and perhaps I should be reconsidering it if it's not functioning properly (i.e. to spell out my name). Suggestions on what to use instead/should I be bothering to spend time on creating another image/collage? I don't want to do the whole square




title thing.

Feb 6, 20 2:00 am  · 

Maybe just plain and simple "Portfolio+your name"

Feb 6, 20 6:33 am  · 

I'm the first on the fence about the cover. I don't love the colour palette, but that's personal preference. Instead of "Bachelor of Design - Undergrad Portfolio" just say "Portfolio" and try moving it to the right. To make it more readable, try making the letters in your name a couple of shades darker than the background colour.

Get rid of the pictures opposite the contents page and just leave it blank. 

Make sure the lines and the text in your table of content are spaced evenly. That's driving me crazy. 

Make sure all your pages (title and text) are formatted the same. 

I don't like the green pages all throughout... maybe desaturate the background colour on the body pages?

And yes, a back cover. 

Page numbers seem weirdly placed.

Feb 13, 20 9:27 pm  · 

Hello there! Do you know when are they expected to send us the e-mail telling us if you get an interview or not? Thank you so much!

Apr 15, 20 11:43 am  · 

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