M.Arch I Prerequisites


Hey everyone, first time posting here. 

I graduated with a B.S. in 2018 and have been working full time in NYC since then, and will be applying to M.Arch I programs this fall. Most of the programs to which I'll be applying require all applicants to have taken college calculus and physics, or at least earned credit...but I recently realized that I had not taken either of those, as my undergrad credits were covered by my high school classes.

Has anyone else ran into this issue when applying? And if so, does anyone know of any decent online options that I could consider? Really don't want my lack of pre-req credits to immediately ruin my chances at these schools.

Jan 24, 20 1:07 am

Check out StraighterLine — most colleges accept courses from them. And they are quite inexpensive. Check with the schools you want to apply to as well. 

Jan 24, 20 2:18 am

It really depends upon different schools. The best way is to describe your issue to the addmission office via e-mail. Not now though, they are super busy right now...

Jan 24, 20 2:23 am

I was in exactly the same situation as you are in right now.

I second StraighterLine, out of all the schools I applied to that had these prerequisites only Columbia was a bit "ugh" about it. I am currently taking general physics and calculus on it, should be fine.

Jan 24, 20 5:49 am

Dude, wechat or qq, hit me via pm


Maybe I'm a bit confused, and I know I haven't had to worry about this for a decade...  My college transcripts included all AP and highschool credit.  As I recall, the AP courses had like an asterisk or something, but the other credits I got in highschool had just been changed to the equivalent on my transcript.  Obviously you should just check with the colleges in question, but I think the rule of thumb would be, if you graduated with a major that counted your highschool experience for calc and physics, then the masters programs are going to count those as well.

Jan 24, 20 11:06 am

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