Getting into Harvard GSD MLA I Program Straight from Undergrad


While I understand that Harvard GSD's admissions are very competitive overall, does anyone know how competitive the MLA I program is specifically? I am planning to apply directly from undergrad, but is that ill-advised? My undergraduate majors are closely related to landscape architecture and I have work samples for my application/eventual portfolio. Does Harvard favor professional experience before applying, or does it consider those who apply straight from their undergraduate institutions equally? It seems that I am in somewhat of a catch 22, as I know that I want to pursue landscape architecture in the long run but do not yet have all the practical skills necessary for employment. I have a high GPA and should fair well taking the GRE, but I know those two components are often secondary to a portfolio. Also not sure what Harvard expects in a portfolio for those applying to the MLA I track, since some may not have any prior architecture/landscape architecture experience. Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

Jan 22, 20 7:39 pm

Advise 1 : Official Website.

Jan 22, 20 11:08 pm

why do you advise this?


Because of my location, I work with many GSD MLA alums.  I can't give you any admissions stats, but I can tell you that the vast majority of my acquaintances went there straight from undergrad, and came from peripherally related undergrad majors, in which they had been taught by  and procured recommendations from a fairly small network of landscape architects who have strong affiliations with the GSD.

Jan 23, 20 9:46 am

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