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I am an Architect from India and currently working with a US based outsourcing firm for 3 years. I am planning to pursue masters in Construction management as I've a background of real estate and construction in my home country. I would like to know few things:

1. I absolutely have an interest in estimation, scheduling and management,  but i would like to know will it be difficult for me to undertake this program since I've an architectural background?

2. Does this program has to do a lot with calculus mathematics  and physics? 

3. Can anyone please share their experience on being a Construction Manager. 


Jan 22, 20 7:58 am

Before answering any of your questions, you need to be clear about PM and CM, it's really confusing from you title and content, and yet they are different....and US is not working as the way works in India, so you need to learn a lot of staff anyway.

Jan 22, 20 12:44 pm

Hey, Thanks for correcting. I am sorry i missed out mentioning Construction project management in my title. ​You're right, there's a lot of difference in PM and CM. Here, I'd like you to share your perspective and experience working with a CM.


This post is for Construction Project Management.

Jan 23, 20 12:47 am

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