A BA in International Affairs, can I do it?


I’m currently in my last semester of undergrad, and I’m realizing that maybe pursuing a career with the government may not be the right move for me any more. I’ve had internships after internships in international development and. I Just don’t think i can do that for the rest of my life. 

I have a background in art. In high school I took many advanced studio courses, and actively design logos and tattoos freely, and have taken art courses while in college; meaning I have a portfolio built and am very familiar with the world of art. 

I haven’t studied a single thing about architecture, other than the architects I love and their work on my own, and my portfolio is mostly paintings and drawings with mediums that don’t involve architecture really at all. 

I currently have a 3.5 GPA, and am more than willing to put in the work, but I don’t know if I’ll do well given that I’ve been studying foreign affairs and language for the past four years. 

Please advise, I’ll be happy to take any advice from anyone. 

Jan 18, 20 11:49 pm

What is it that you don't like about International Affairs?

Jan 19, 20 3:48 am

It’s not that I don’t like international affairs, I just am not happy with working in international affairs for the rest of my life. I enjoy learning about politics and development, and I really believe in governments helping each other out to build up other nations, but I don’t want to work for the government. I also don’t really want to work for the UN, and I’m not sure what other options I really have.


I don't know very much about working in architecture, but I would say that before you jump ship to anything else you should really find the why.


whether you'll do well is impossible to say based on the information given.

but you absolutely have a suitable background to apply. architecture is a mix of art and politics - you'll probably find your past studies very relevant once you start working in the profession.

your gpa is adequate and an art portfolio is absolutely sufficient for an applicant from a non-design background. you'll need to put some thought into creating an argument why architecture, but i'm sure you can figure something out.

Jan 19, 20 8:59 am

YES anyone can do it as long you have passion in architecture/landscape/or any other designs. Although you may need to pay to have some basic trainings and some project to fill your portfolio, but there are always professional degrees for non-design background student.

PM for some chat see what we I can help

Jan 20, 20 9:39 am

I was an International Relations major too before going on to M.Arch. PM for any questions

Jan 20, 20 10:02 am

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