TU Delft portfolio restriction


I came across the following requirements on the TU Delft website:

  • It is not allowed to show more than one A4 size page per screen 
  • It is not allowed to use the booklet format because that is two pages per screen

In my experience, portfolios are essentially booklets where the content of one page relates to the next, therefore building a story from start to the end.

I sent a booklet format portfolio to all other schools I applied to, however TU Delft state that they work strictly with these requirements.

I was wondering if any other applicants have had issues with formatting their portfolios because of this restriction and how you dealt with it.

Jan 14, 20 1:49 pm
Non Sequitur

The inability (or unwillingness) to follow basic directions is an easy way to weed out applications

Jan 14, 20 2:10 pm

So I guess you were weeded out.

Non Sequitur

Nah, bro, I applied and got into my top choice.


When I was applying to M.Arch programs the cards-in-a-box format of portfolio was popular. With those you have to make each card into its own one-page composition capable of working by itself, because you don't even know that the cards will stay in their original order.  Think about it that way: a portfolio that's not a booklet, but a packet of independent little posters of your past projects. It shouldn't be an insurmountable design challenge (or if it is, you might want to take that as a sign to reassess whether you're up for the challenge of architecture school.)

Jan 14, 20 6:09 pm

I adjusted my a3 format to a4, adjusted the size of fonts. Added a cover letter like a summary of motivation letter. It wasn't a bit deal to change it. Now waiting for the answer to my application.

Jan 15, 20 4:36 am

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