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So I've studying for 4 Semesters and so far there are some stuff that I'm noticed and I'm confused. So I'm posting here to listen other people's opinion.

I don't know if I did not take the courses in the right sequence , but are we supposed to have a previous knowledge any other than high school Maths, Physics and Freehand/technical drawing?

For example, I can't remember anyone in the university showing us how we are supposed to create a poster for a presentation (e.g. showing us samples of how we are supposed to make it). I know, it's not rocket science but I've seen other comparing to my mine and they've been more advanced/enriched than mine. There's other things that professors or tutors don't say but somehow the most of the students know it beforehand. 

Am I going in the wrong school? Are we are supposed to ask tutors all the time or even make the research on our own? Or am I just living in my own world? Sorry if this sounds stupid

Jan 9, 20 4:26 pm

Unless you're specifically majoring in graphic design, you're probably never going to have a course anywhere that specifically teaches you how to organize a presentation board.  This is something that's nearly entirely self-taught for most architecture students.  The best thing to do is pay attention to others' work (other students, architects, advertisers...)  And yes, of course you're supposed to ask your tutors - but it's likely you'll get as many opinions as there are tutors. 

Jan 9, 20 4:31 pm
Non Sequitur

You're in school to learn... and more importantly, you're in a design school to learn about design.  Don't expect to just be told how to do things step by step... it's up to you to make the effort produce well-thought out work.  If yours falls short of your colleagues, well, that's life and you just need to put in a more concentrated effort.  Spending some time researching examples on your own time is part of the learning process.

Yes, it sounds stupid because it is a stupid question. But there is nothing wrong with stupid questions since... well, how would you know it's stupid without asking it.  8-)    

Jan 9, 20 4:34 pm

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