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I'm applying for the Master of Architecture and Extreme Environments with KADK however I was hoping to get some first-hand insight on the course/studying at KADK and Denmark in general. I'd love to know:

-Best aspects

-Worst aspects

-Things you didn't expect

-Overall rating out of 10

 If I got in I would be coming in as an international student from Australia so any perspectives from internationals would be greatly appreciated.


Jan 8, 20 4:10 am

Warning I have not attended KADK, but I do have some information. I applied to the Urbanism and Societal Change program last year and did not get in. They accept roughly 40 per program and let in somewhere between 5-15 non-EU people per program. The one I applied for they told me only 5 non-EU people got accepted and 180 non-EU applied. 

I did visit the school last year and did a walk around. I stumbled into the urbanism and societal change program room and the students were extremely friendly. The quality of work was high, exactly the type of work I would want to do and expect from the program. The facilities are kinda dated, but I did not see their workshop/prototyping lab. They are located kinda on an isle of sorts across the river from the main part of copenhagen, pretty cool environment if you ask me. 

I absolutely loved Copenhagen. It's a city that many people fall in love with from what I understand. In fact, I hope to move and live there for a portion of my life. 

I'm going to apply again this year, but for the Strategic Design & Entrepreneurship program as I would like to open my own firm. 

Good luck!

Jan 8, 20 11:29 am  · 

Hi, brookrb. hope you are all well. Did u get in strategic design this time?


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