Politecnico Di Milano + KU Leuven Portfolio Critique - M.Arch 2020


Hello, I recently applied to the Masters in Architecture at École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and McGill University. Now that my portfolio is done, I would really like to get constructive feedback about it considering that I will apply to PoliMi and KU Leuven for March 2020. Also, I have graduated from a B.Sc. in Architecture in Canada. Since then, I work as an intern in an architectural firm to get some work experience.

Here's the Issuu's link for my portfolio :

Thank you.

Jan 7, 20 9:27 am
Non Sequitur

A few points... but first, why are you looking for international M.arch when canadian tuition is so damn cheap... double that if you're a quebec resident?  Second, Lausanne is likely accredited under the CACB but please make sure of this before committing to it and other foreign schools.  

As for the folio, it's a polished and typical assortment one can expect from current canadian undergrad BAS.  What bothers we is that you have a 2-page layout but many images cross the gutter.  This is poor design.  Another point is the lack of sketches and concept/progress work.  I'm always irked by the reliance on only finished renderings while ignoring the path the student took to get to that one image.  Lastly, you don't need to include a assembly legend with that wall section.  Show more details, more drawings, more ideas... less text and less generic filler.

Good luck.

Jan 7, 20 10:07 am

Thank you so much for your feedback! Yes, it is true Canadian tuition is pretty cheap, but the way they teach is very similar among Canadian universities. So I find that studying internationally has many benefits that I am particularly interested in such as broadening ways of thinking by experiencing different cultures, meeting new people which can help me for future career opportunities, and also I have done my previous studies mainly in French. Therefore, I would like to get my masters in English in order to open more opportunities abroad. With that being said, I will work on that, thank you again, I really appreciate it.

Non Sequitur

All are good points but remember that a large part of the M.Arch is professional development courses and a Canadian M.Arch (in a good school) will be geared towards Canadian practice law... and no, not all schools here teach the same; there is a big difference between those at the top and the remainder. But that's another discussion. So look at each school's curriculum and compare it to the CACB's to see if you'll get equivalent value. You don't want to spend 3years in Europe and come back to work in Canada with a handicap because you're not on par with other local graduates. This is something I see on occasion so just a warning, not a rule.


Of course, I get what you are saying, I didn't mean it like that. For instance, UBC, McGill, UdeM or Dalhousie have different areas of expertise, but I am really looking for an international education to work abroad. Thank you again, I will look more into the accredidation process.

Non Sequitur



Just to add, could go to Dalhousie and do your 8 month work term abroad. Best of both worlds IMO, especially if you want to eventually practice in Canada.

Non Sequitur

I second Ken’s suggestion. Carleton also has a semester abroad option too.


Thank you both for your suggestions!


Something's off on the perspective on the first page (haven't gone further yet) people inside are really small, suggesting a huge space.  People outside are a lot bigger, like more so that should be representative of the perspective.  The structure on the left of the drawing is scaled to them such that it look like you're building something 5 feet tall, but it also looks like you're supposed to inhabit it and sit on that piece of plywood?  The tree is installed in the structure, goes through it, is not aligned...  If you're going to photoshop your entourage after the fact, make sure to use layers and consider the overall perspective composition.

Jan 7, 20 12:49 pm

Thank you for your comments on the perspective, I will correct the size of the people outside, because you are right they are bigger than they should. As for the people inside, the interior space is actually around 20 feet tall. Thanks again joseffischer!

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