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Hi all,

I’m a current 2nd year at a five year B.Arch program in the United States. I am an in-state resident and have lived in the US my whole life. Although I’ve enjoyed my schooling here I have always wanted to study in Europe, particularly in the Scandinavian region. I understand there are study abroad opportunities for such things, but I am looking for a more permanent settlement in terms of life, career, and education.

My curiosity, and also concern I suppose, regards how international transfers work in terms of equivalency. For instance, at the end of this spring semester I will have completed two of the five years in the US B.Arch program; if I were to apply to complete this degree in some capacity, what kind of programs should I be looking for? Two year masters maybe? My google searches over the last week haven’t been too helpful in answering that question in particular. Would I have to restart my bachelors? Is there an equivalent program I can relatively easily transfer into with the two years I have?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Jan 5, 20 3:58 pm

In Europe degrees are given based on ECTS (credit hours) regulated across Europe. Years 1-3 are BSc and 4-5 are MSc. Your best bet is to see what a program like TU Delft or somewhere in Copenhagen has as requirements for a BSc and then email the school an ask them when you can apply for an MSc. You generally need to have completed a Bachelors program to apply for a Master. Of course, this means more years in the US than in Europe (3 vs 4/5). Also, living/working in Europe for more than 1 year after graduating from an MSc will require a visa if you are not an EU citizen...and therefore working at a large office who is willing to sponsor you to stay. 

Jan 11, 20 4:05 pm

Not sure if it's helpful for you but I fully completed my B.Arch stateside, then applied for and completed a M.Sc. in Germany (some redundancy there but oh well). I don't remember if Uni-Assist (degree equivalency) examines full transcripts of ongoing studies, or only completed degrees for admission into a German uni.

Jan 14, 20 10:03 pm

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