experienced professional wants to study Arch Masters in the US


I am a 14 Yrs experienced professional with Bachelors in Architecture. I am registered in India, though not working there at the moment. I have always wanted to study further but financial stability was important than studies back then. this led me to take up different roles like construction manager, project manager etc. 

Now i want to take that chance on myself and try to get to the next level with some studies in architecture. And i need this community's help in moving forward. I have to start at finding which exams to give etc, so any suggestions that you can give me are welcome - right from 'don't do it' to some specific steps on how to approach this are okay with me.

Jan 4, 20 8:54 am

1. find schools you are interested in

2. read their websites or call them

Jan 4, 20 9:15 am

For licensure, consider the licensure paths that may be available for you in any of the states of the U.S. especially those where you are working or planning on working in. The state of initial licensure does not have to be the state where you currently live at. It could be a neighboring state. Consider those options available to you. 

Jan 4, 20 1:56 pm

thanks Koww & RickB

how does one gauge if one can get into that school or not? usually how many universities should you apply to make sure you get in?

Jan 5, 20 12:44 pm

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