How do I describe a building architecturally?


I am almost done with my school project. For this project we had to design a museum for the electric car. There are 10 electrical cars in total (all ranging from very old to very new) that need to be displayed. If you follow the walk route (which can't be screwed up) you will experience the oldest car first, and then gradually going through time with the latest car at last.

I designed a building with a lot of windows and cantilevers. the idea is that people who are attracted to electrical cars are usually also the kind of people who are interested in engineering. this is the reason why this building is purposely designed to show the construction and installations as much as possible. the cantilevers are supposed to reflect direct sunlight while its color is able to reflect indirect sunlight into the building.

other than that the building has a steel-skeleton and is supposed to be compact without feeling to tight.

here are a few renders and all three floorplans:

Anyway, how would you describe this building? expressive? modern? (those are the only 2 words coming up in my mind when I think about this design...) I have no clue how to describe a building architecturally. I have heard terms of 'wow this building shows a lot of individualism' and I have no clue what they are talking about. I would like to know more about describing architecture. Any help would be appreciated.

also: I know this design isnt the prettiest. Im a second year student after all.

(excuse me for my bad english, it isn't my main language)

Jan 4, 20 10:47 am
Non Sequitur

forgettable glass box  

I’d say, spend more time designing good spaces and less time on terminology.  

Jan 4, 20 1:39 pm

Read form space and order by Francis Ching. Start with chapter one - Primary elements of architecture....

By the way I hope this isn't for university. 

Jan 8, 20 11:12 am

"I am almost done with my school project."

Hoo boy I disagree.

Your floorplan is actually pretty good. The interior space seems to work well & there's a visible order and hierarchy to the program. 

Everything else is undercooked to the point of being raw.

ps - "Cantilever" is not the word you're looking for here. I don't see cantilevers.

Jan 8, 20 11:59 am

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