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Hi everyone, I’m applying for the fall 2020 cycle. Yes, I know it is very late. I’ve been working for the past 5 months on this portfolio and I’d appreciate any feedback on it. I just want to see where my portfolio stand this year and how I can improve it for next year if I decide to apply again. 

For some background, I double majored in art history and French literature so I don’t have any background in architecture other than a historical one. I also have an informal background in graphic design so all of these projects were made within the last 5 months.

I will add more drawings and/or replace the ones that I have.

The schools that I’m applying to are considered to be pragmatic so that was the direction I wanted my portfolio to go.

Portfolio here

Thank you :)

Jan 3, 20 2:37 am

Without knowing what programs you are applying to, I would have to say this portfolio is lacking in every conceivable way. I would re-consider this effort and start anew. Look at other's portfolios - available just about everywhere - and consider a summer program at Harvard, or something in that realm. 

Jan 3, 20 8:29 am

I think you have some good stuff in here, and the overall design is simple and clean. The biggest issue IMO is how you’re starting each project. I would really recommend having polished finished work precede your process work. If the first thing they see when they open your portfolio is rough process sketches it’s not a good first impression because they don’t know you can do anything else yet.

Keep the process work but put it on page 2. Start with the best images. You generally show good restraint but page 6 is way too crowded. That’s 2 pages of content if you keep it all but I think you could cut some of it.

I like the coffee shop drawing but I don’t think the pagoda one is very strong, so if you’re switching things that’s the one I would drop. 

Where are you applying? Good luck!

Jan 3, 20 8:34 am
Non Sequitur

You... you can't be serious. That coffee shop should not be included... it's very bad.


Yeah I could have provided more context on my thinking. My comments here for edits to the portfolio for this current cycle. With many deadlines already passed, I am recognizing that they’re probably in way too far to do any overhaul this year, but if they have already locked in recommenders it wouldn’t make sense not to apply. I think the other comments about bigger
changes definitely stand if they reapply next year.

Non Sequitur

All I can really say is: yikes....

I'm sorry, but this is not a M.arch application folio...  I don't know what schools you're applying to but based on the other non-arch folios we see here, this one is very thin.

First, those concept sketches as well as those scribble notes need to go.  They look super sloppy and do not add quality. Next, kill that damn climate change calendar stuff.  How about you layout 10 final vector drawings by themselves without the filler?  That's a decent start and will give you the opportunity for a greater variety of subjects, colours, lighting conditions, etc... all basic stuff your folio needs.

The next step is to actually show good hand drawings.  The storefront and pagoda are a trainwreck:  No context, horrible perspective, no light source, no material shading, squiggly lines... and for fuck's sake, sharpen that god-damn pencil. If you can't draw, then don't include it.

The museum of letters is fine, perhaps a bit too long.  Probably could be condensed into 2 page spreads (4 pages).  That lantern needs to be expanded on.  Maybe better pictures, some descriptive text... something, it's unfinished as you show it.

Besides the above points, you need to look at layout examples.  Plenty of simple but effective examples are available.  Remember, you're applying to programs that, in general, value design and creative thinking.  This applies to the folio's composition just as much as it does to it's content.

Jan 3, 20 8:35 am

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