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Current 2nd year student studying architecture. I'm going to be honest, I am a bit scared I won't be able to get a job in my dream career when I graduate. I figured perhaps maybe holding another degree can help me be more valuable for firms. 

So my question is what other degrees will be useful in combination with architecture? I'm currently considering minoring in sustainability, I've always has strong interest in it. I'm extremely bad at advanced math, so engineering is most likely a no go. I would love to hear some recommendations.

Also, if you also have just any general advice to share about internships and employment, please comment them! I'd really appreciate it.

Dec 31, 19 1:36 pm

Coffee goes well with architecture... sprinkle some design and you're done! lol

Dec 31, 19 3:28 pm

If you're interested in sustainability, specializing in building science for high performance buildings or net zero design work might be something for you, should pay well too. Don't think you need another degree for that though.

There's a large amount of related industries you can go into, anything design related works. Know someone who even went into waterpark design after their degree...

Dec 31, 19 4:00 pm
atelier nobody

I find 72°F/22°C to be about right (not for coffee - coffee should be around 130°F/54°C, or iced).

Dec 31, 19 4:03 pm

Pharmacy. Pays better. 

Dec 31, 19 4:06 pm
atelier nobody

And the side hustle opportunities are outrageous.



Jan 1, 20 4:58 pm
Why don’t you think you will be able to get a job?
Jan 1, 20 5:41 pm

Construction Management.

Jan 1, 20 7:16 pm

Im doing this program now

Mar 26, 20 3:06 pm

Holding a degree in structural engineering on top of architecture would be pretty valuable. 

Mar 26, 20 4:15 pm

Design focus... Landscape Architecture, Interior Design

Business and Development focus... Project Management, MBA

Like to Draw but not build ... Fine Art, Graphic Design, 

Like to manage the whole show .... Engineering, Finance

Mar 27, 20 7:31 pm

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