Currently doing RIBA Part 1, Year 3. Would Like to do March at IAAC, how would this work?


Hi guys,

I am currently a year 3 architecture student completing Riba part 1, UK. I intend on starting my March when I am done.

Over the 3 year journey I've discovered a lot about architecture and have been drawn towards the tech / fab / material / comp side. Hence, why I am keen on IAAC, love what they are doing atm!

If i was to pursue IAAC,

  • Can i complete Riba part 3 upon completion, to acquire licensing?
  • Would I have to attain a Riba part 2 (March) certification to progress to Part 3?
  • Can i transfer credits achieved at IAAC?

If someone could give me some insight that would be great!

Dec 26, 19 2:49 pm

Hi Don_aarioni,

Were you able to find out how to transfer the credits?

I'll hve the same issue since I would like to practice in the UK after.

Thanks a lot!

May 20, 20 10:18 am  · 

please did any of you get some answers? Having the same problem now

Aug 1, 20 3:55 am  · 

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