Doubts about pursuing architecture


Hey guys,

I am currently in my last year of architecture school but I am having same doubts about my skills since my first year. I love art and I always wanted to do something in the creative field but I never knew what exactly - I still don't know now. So everything kind of settled on architecture. But I am not sure that architecture is the right path for me and this has been following me since I started architecture school.

And I can say for sure that I understand architectural theory and what is all about and I understand which space is good and which isn't and why. I can 'sense' quality of a space when looking at different projects. Also, I can think of interesting concepts but they are more in the theoretical space than actual space. And here is the problem. I ALWAYS have trouble converting my concepts and ideas into concrete space because I just can't imagine space that would be a spatial interpretation of my concept. I just run into a block in my head and I don't know how to get around it. I tried sketching literally everything that would pop into my head but nothing seemed satisfying so I would always end up with unfinished projects for my final presentations.

And all of my professors would say that I have good and strong concepts and ideas but they are never thought through in the end. And I know that's the case but I don't know what to do to solve this.

Also, I have no problem with step just after this, when you have basic sketch of the building on the site and when you need to design in detail all of the rooms and their relationship. I think I can also do that pretty good.

I feel like I have interesting ideas and concepts which are not really usable in architecture. If you know what I mean. So I don't know what to do with them and I don't know how to train myself to think more clearly architecture-wise.

Thanks so much in advance!

Dec 15, 19 4:13 pm

Try other methods of expressing your concepts. I used collage and concept models in school to get the start of my concepts because I can find things that mimic the experience I'm trying to convey quickly. Once you understand how those things actually come together you can further the designing of the space. What is your current process for reaching an architecture? Is it only sketching? And what the type of concepts you are having a hard time manifesting?

Dec 15, 19 4:33 pm

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