PoliMi, KADK and Aalto for Masters in Architecture? And other suggestions?



I'm planning to apply for Milan Polytechnic, KADK and Aalto with my top 2 preferences (PoliMi and KADK) being very equal in my head at the moment. I would be coming in as an international student (from Australia) so I won't get the opportunity to visit the schools before accepting any offers. What I'm trying to figure out is the personality of each of the schools and find one that would suit me:

I'm ideally looking for a school that's neither too traditional nor too techy (parametric design bores me sorry!). I'm hoping to find a course that provides the opportunity to tackle really conceptual ideas but has some practical grounding as well; I really thrived in studio in my bachelor's however I struggled with construction subjects and while I would like to focus more on design and theory I recognise that structure is really important to understanding and something I need to work on a bit. Also I am quite interested in archi history both academically and in relation to heritage and design and would love a uni where history is discussed in relation to design often.

Anyway if anyone knows/has studied the masters at these schools I would love to hear their reviews! I'm also willing to consider other schools in Europe where the Masters is taught in English or Spanish. I had also been considering TU Delft and Bartlett however was scared off by the fees as an international student. 

Thanks in advance!

Dec 15, 19 11:52 am

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