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I am currently applying to M. Arch programs (Fall 2020) at Columbia, Pratt, Parsons, and City College of New York.  I will be graduating with a BS Arch from University of Maryland and am looking for some good portfolio crits.

Here's the link:

**Portfolio is meant to be viewed in single pages, not 2 page spreads.

I don't really use many elaborate/photoshopped renderings.  My work is fairly conceptual and my physical models form the main bulk of my work.  I wanted my portfolio to be simple and poignant.

Please let me know what you think, positives, negatives, anything would be appreciated!


Dec 12, 19 8:22 pm

Hm, definitely comes across as abstract and conceptual, and the visual style is pretty consistent throughout so that's good. Only thing can suggest is maybe reduce size of your text a few points, so it takes less of the reader's attention? Hope that helps a bit

Dec 12, 19 8:39 pm
Non Sequitur

That text is just badly organized and way too dominant.  Smaller sentence case font and full justify.  Also, you need to equalize the black background of your model/drawing pictures with that of the page background black.  That early era photoshop blurr transition is very bad.

Besides that, you need to add much more meat to the portfolio.  Sparse images work when there is something to look at and these are very simple projects.  Where's the progress work, the interior space perspectives, the sketches?  

Dec 12, 19 8:44 pm

on point

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