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Hi all,

A couple of my coworkers had heard recently that Newforma will not be continuing development of Project Center (in favor of plugins for other services, but we have yet to hear more from Newforma directly on this), and we're looking into some alternatives to explore if this is actually the case.  We had a conference call/webinar on BIM 360, but weren't entirely sold on it because of the lack of email integration/tracking/filing compared to Newforma.

I'm trying to see what is out there in terms of robustly cloud-connected solutions that offer the same (or similar) email organization, document management, etc, but it seems as though Newforma exists in something of a class by itself.  We understand that moving to a new solution will likely require some changes in workflow, but we have a pretty good process and don't want to upend everything if we don't have to.  Does anyone have any information or recommendations?


Dec 12, 19 3:46 pm
Reg Prentice

Hi Robert,
I started Tonic Document Management (TonicDM) 4 years ago as a simple, effective alternative to Newforma Project Center. Converting over is easy (we've transitioned many firms - large and small). You'll be up and running quickly and won't look back!


Dec 14, 19 9:11 pm  · 
Newforma Corporate

I recommend contacting to learn about Newforma Project Center v12.3 – many notable enhancements including an interactive dashboard and more. 

Jan 10, 20 10:24 am  · 

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