Architect mastering in Business


So Im in my third year of architecture but im not quite sure that thats the path id like to be taking. I am more interested in Business (advertising or entrepreneurship), I find it hard remembering buildings and they are generally not an interest of mine, spending days not sleeping is another concern, but i cant change majors due to all the money i spent on courses! So my question is, Is it possible to master in advertising and have a career in it after a BA in architecture? 

Dec 11, 19 3:42 pm
Non Sequitur

Anything is possible, including, but not limited to, switching bachelor degree paths.

Dec 11, 19 3:49 pm  · 
( o Y o )

Why would anyone continue down a path they don’t like? That is the perfect recipe for a miserable life. 

Dec 12, 19 11:06 am  · 
1  · 

The only reason is if you are in golden handcuffs. Never a problem in this profession.

Dec 12, 19 9:30 pm  · 

happened to me once. i quit after my bonus and went back to architecture :/

Dec 13, 19 10:15 am  · 
wurdan freo

you can't change course because of all the money you spent on classes or your parents... :D LOL (laughing emoji.. still waiting archinect...)

It's a bigger waste of time and money to keep working on something you're not interested in.

Dec 12, 19 11:21 am  · 

If you're not interested in particular subjects than you're definitely wasting all your money again :P so you should quit the path and do what you love to.

Dec 13, 19 3:36 am  · 

Why don't you look into construction management?

Nov 4, 20 5:52 am  · 

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