Where can I learn about failed projects?

Is there a place to learn about failed architecture projects , sociologically, structurally, functionally.. etc. and explaining how it happened? For a masters student.

Dec 8, 19 1:44 am

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The Library.  Go and speak to a reference librarian and explain what you're researching and trying to find.  They can help you refine and direct your search.

Dec 8, 19 9:35 am

Thanks. I'm actually from an Asian country. We don't have the best archive libraries. Especially not on architecture and design :)

The Death and Life of Great American Cities by Jane Jacobs, and other relevant writings along the same lines. They might not give you a clear cut list of failed projects but they'll give you a framework of when and why some architectural/urban projects have failed.

Dec 8, 19 5:34 pm

Thanks, this seems like an interesting read.

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Failed Architecture obviously!

Dec 9, 19 1:08 am

Thanks, this is what I'm looking for


Reference librarians can help you direct your online search, and they are aware of databases and digital journal access that you wouldn't know about or think of.  Not sure if that's how libraries are organized in Asia, but a lot of times they can find things hidden in places most people wouldn't think to look. 

Dec 9, 19 9:10 am

Thanks :)


Much too broad a subject. Concentrate on one epic failure. The Grenfell Tower fire would be my recommendation. Massive failures by the U/K architectural establishment for greenlighting the flammable aluminum panel retrofit which claimed the lives of 72 people, many of them children along with their total inablity of that establishment to accept responsibility. 

Dec 9, 19 11:18 am

Thanks. Will look into this .


"Architecture of the absurd, How genius disfigured a practical art" by John Silber. 

Dec 9, 19 11:29 am

One of the dumbest books on architecture I've read. Silber is an arrogant stooge & his defense of traditionalism is no less subjective than his distaste for deconstructivism.

Interesting :) Now I have to read this :D

Thanks :)


this website is good too, even if it focuses on one failed "genius"

Dec 9, 19 4:09 pm

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Dec 10, 19 3:31 am

Ugly Belgian Houses

Dec 10, 19 4:50 am

reminds me of the suburbs of kiev, but those are new.

Thanks :)

"The Golden City" by Henry Hope Reed

Dec 10, 19 1:47 pm

Thanks :)


Any literature relating to Pruitt-Igoe is very interesting

Dec 10, 19 5:51 pm

Thanks :)

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