Hi guys,wall be applying for fall-2020 masters.needed some unbiased review on my portfolio.Had previously posted and got some really valuable inputs from Non Sequitur.Here is my second draft.

thanks in advance

Dec 5, 19 6:41 pm

Again I'm not at the Master's stage, but:

Saw a few spelling and grammatical errors just from skimming through, especially extra or missing spaces. 

Not sure at all on the "The following collection of..." on your second page, should either have a proper CV and purpose statement page or drop it...

And also not sure if just an issue with uploading it, but your rear cover page is blank, should match your nice front cover page. Hope that helps a bit!

Dec 5, 19 11:52 pm

@noob.Phronesis thank you for your time.

will check on the spelling mistakes.yea will think about what i can do on my second page.

yes the rear cover page as Archlandia suggested will have it gradient blue.
thanks a lot noob.Phronesis


Overall I think it's a nice layout and some of the images are nice. There a few things that I noticed immediately:

- I'm not a fan of the image that you used on the cover, the gradient color is fine, but the modeled image of *you?* or some human is sort of strange to me. maybe pick something that represents you more as a designer.

- Someone just commented on my portfolio critique that I used too much text, and you have maybe triple the text I used. I would cut that down by a lot.

- Page 4, where you're holding the model could be improved with lightroom or something to help the lighting of it. It feels flat and sort of DIY and be could be improved with just lighting adjustments.

-  Page 5, I think that the text that runs down into the image should be placed outside of the image or move the image down. I dont see that anywhere else in your portfolio.

- Page 6, the note about the text above, there's too much and it's crowding your image.

- Page 7, some of those models are just rotated and reused right next to the other model thats the same. Maybe switch those around a little bit or change them a bit.

- Page 8, the clouds or smoke in your collage should be lightened or removed. It would look better lighter or without

- Page 14, swap the bottom and top images, the space in the middle of the images feels a little too large.

- Page 22, maybe do a few iterations of that sketch. It feels a little heavy handed right now.

- Page 27, scale down those maps by just a tad, needs more white space.

The other thing that I would say is that it would be really great to see one of your more complex projects in plan. The only plan you have is a very simple one on page 23, which is fine, but it would be great to see how you convey a complex project in plan.

I also fully agree with the above statement of ending your portfolio with a back page. At least place the gradient blue on the back cover. I'll also say that you should consider changing 'architecture portfolio' on your front cover to a title describing your portfolio of work or something more descriptive than 'architecture portfolio'. We know it's an architecture portfolio, so change that or take it off completely. 

I'm sure this seems very nit-picky, because it is, but I think you could fix this stuff in a couple of days. I think that if you address these items would get you to the next level in your portfolio. Hope this helps.

Good luck!

Dec 6, 19 12:51 am

whoa,Firstly i would like to thank you for your time Archlanda


whoa, Firstly I would like to thank you for your time Archlanda

- yes thats me :P and i had just place that image only cos it looked interesting.what you said makes sense,will change it into something that talks about my design sense.

-I did go through your portfolio (loved it) and i will cut down onto my text,and that will probably solve the problem that exists in page 6.

and i'll integrate all the other comments,thanks a lot again for this review.thanks a lot.

Non Sequitur

thanks for the shout-out. 

Better than last time and I can see some improvement from our last conversation.  I still don’t see much in therms of progress work but I’m pretty curious about some of those first few digital collage images. Two hinges: be consistent with text box and image placement and get someone to proof read it. 

Dec 6, 19 3:11 am

Thanks again Non Sequitur, now that ill reduces my text length I can maybe add in more images that'll add on to the storyline or the progress.


I think overall is a good portfolio. 

Cover page is nice. Plenty of breathing space, shows your projects well as well. 18-19 is a very nice page. From your work it seems like you have a B.Arch degree? then you should evaluate yourself at a higher standard.

My humble input on some aspects: on some pages there are too many different colors, which kind of messes up your overall color scheme. Same thing with text, a little too much, try reducing it a bit. Expand some of your renderings, some are way too small and I can't see much.

And most importantly, maybe (just maybe) too many projects included. The problem is that you wouldn't have space to talk about all of them in details in what like 20-30 pages with like 8ish projects. Try trim it down, delve deeper into the ones that you feel most connected to your personal interest.

Overall, still, I would say it's a well-made portfolio, Good luck with your applications.

Dec 11, 19 3:52 am

Hi Juju1992,

thanks a lot for your time,yup i do have a B.Arch degree.

yes i do agree with your color scheme and text statement and i am looking into it currently and also will increase the sale.

thanks again for your time


Hey, I really like your portfolio, overall it's simple and conveys your idea well. Like previously mentioned I would shorten the text, seems a lot on almost every page. Some of your projects I like better than others, 3 and 4 for example, perhaps elaborate a bit more on those. Also one critical issue you have to keep in mind its that you are already hitting 33-34 pages that's more than the max page most schools allowed. You will have a hard time taking out stuff if you don't do it soon :)

What's your background and what programs are you applying to?

I am a prospective M.Arch student too if you don't mind taking a look at my portfolio and let me know what you think that would be great!

Dec 11, 19 4:15 am

Thanks chuckluck , glad that you liked my portfolio .i currently hold a b.arch degree and i am planning to apply for m.arch and programs. and yes, give me some time ill give you my feedback.


hi Vinayak,

can you share your portfolio link again? i am making mine and going by the comments here yours looks good. the link given above has expired i guess. it will be great to see it, if you don't mind.



Jan 5, 20 1:01 pm

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