needing some portfolio/personal statement crits


Hey all,

It's my first post here so I hope I am doing it right. I am in the process of applying for M.Arch I and I am eagerly looking for more eyes and hopefully some good feedback on my portfolio and my personal statement. I hate to say it but I feel a little uneasy posting them online for everyone to see, would anyone be kind enough to help me out via email? I am not from an architecture background so all these are new to me. Thank you guys very much!

Nov 27, 19 1:19 pm

I could see how posting your statement on here may set you up for a competitive disadvantage and/or vulnerable position on the internet, but I don't understand why people feel uncomfortable posting their portfolio. I feel like a lot of the best portfolios are already on issuu. Anyway, if you want, you can send it through the contact button to me and I'll give you some feedback on it. 

Nov 27, 19 1:52 pm

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