Architecture student looking for inspiration for current studio project


Hi! I'm a third year architecture student from Sweden currently working om my final project of the fall semester. My project is based around an existing building located in a large shopping area. Think like a standard outlet area located around a large country highway. The building is of simple design with a basic steel structure of pillars and crossbeams. The building itself was originally designed to be warehouse with simple office spaces but has since turned into a simple mall with various independent business growing inside it. For my design project I'm going to keep the existing steel structure of the building but removing everthing else (all inner and outer walls). I'm going to work with the existing structure aswell as introducing new structural systems (right now I'm looking at Shigeru Bans Metz for a struture example). Basically I want to blend the existing steel structure (the shape is a simple shed-shape) with a more organic structure of timber. 

What I'm looking for is basically inspiration from similiar existing projects where they've blended two different structural systems. The idea is to keep the existing structure highly visible so that there is clear constrast between the old and the new. If you know of any existing projects that somewhat resemble what I'm describing, please share them with me so I can look for inspiration. 

If you find the description unclear, I can share some images.

Thanks in advance.

Nov 25, 19 11:20 am

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